Le Cellier uses a centralized temperature and humidity control system for storing your precious wine. Every cellar has its own ventilation to achieve a perfect balance between temperature and humidity, constantly kept at about 12°C and 60% respectively. The inside walls, as well as the entrance door, are made of 80mm high density polyurethane insulation materials. The 130mm floor slabs also insulate the heat and humidity from the outside, making sure the cellars are in optimum condition.
The cellars are equipped with ultraviolet free lighting, to avoid fermentation of your wine by natural light.

Le Cellier is protected by advanced burglar-alarm and CCTV systems provided to the highest standard. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.

Clients can enjoy 24-hour access to Le Cellier with their intelligence access cards. Come and enjoy a glass or two, at anytime you wish.

Situated within the operator’s self-owned premises, Le Cellier has advantages on its property rights and management, which offers a stable, undisturbed environment for your wine storage.

At Le Cellier, our consultants will provide professional, custom solutions to your wine storage needs, at friendly, reasonable prices.

Cellar Type Monthly Fees Case Capacity *
(Standard 12-bottle case)
Rack Capacity #
(750ml Bordeaux bottle)
Cabinet HK $600 - $930 22 - 44 N/A
Type A HK $1, 000 up 60 300 – 400
Type B HK $ 2, 000 up 120 600 – 700
Type B HK $ 2, 800 150 800 – 1000
Type D HK $ 3, 400 up 190 1100 – 1300
Type E HK $ 4, 000 250 1300 – 1500
Connoisseur Grade Arranged by booking 250 - 900 1800 up

Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.

* Capacity may vary according to the actual dimensions. The above information is regarded as the minimum capacity and is for reference only. You may be able to store more cases depending on configuration.

# Capacity may vary according to the size of individual wine case, and the way they are placed.

Upon requests, we can also arrange wine delivery services. Please contact 3543-7899 for details.